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Dared VP-300B monos on Ebay


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On 7/23/2004 1:20:50 PM radiob wrote:

I tried Dared, it is good stuff for the money, but then I sold it, and went with bottlehead 2a3, you can get a pair of bottleheads for 500.00 new with no mods and it wil simply out sond the dared 10-1. Rob


Rober,thankyou for your input.Its nice to hear an oppinion from someone who has listened to the equipment.I am investigating all avenues of SET to make a sound choice and will look into bottlehead. Thanks Greg

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Ive been listening to them since monday now. It took me about 2 days to learn how to listen to them. I wasnt sure at first if they sounded that great.Three days in I learned to back the volume down to about 86-69 db through my chorus2s, and started to here in 3-d big time. I then received some new tubes for my blueberry and new TJ mesh plates for the B.H. on wendsday, one of the tubes 3-d zapper had recomended for the blueberry was a amperex a frame from holland. I switched to the A frame and mesh plate, and wholahhhh, Ive got the combo now. I belive the system is as good a the best I have heard in my time, and I have had and heard a lot of nice setups.9.gif

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