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Cornwall dating


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I see that you got the same information from the seller that I did. You are missing the most important information in the S/N which is the "Alpha" character that will identify the year of manufacture for them. The S/N should read like this for example 4B285, or 4C285, etc.

That info I got only tells me that they are C-Cornwalls, WO-Walnut Oil, 15-15" Woofer. What I can tell you is that those Corns are from the early 60's by the small clear rectangular Klipsch name plate at the bottom center. They are OLD! and I want to know just how old.

I email him again and I hope that he can send me the complete S/N this time, I also want to know if they are consecutive S/N's. One looks really sun faded, the one next to the window, the other looks decent.

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They look like they match the grill cloth on my K-Horns and have the same wood and finish so these might serve my quest for a pair of them. I still want one more as a center for a different setup. These two would cost about $300.00 to ship to me so that will probably knock me out of the situation if someone local goes for them. I did not think they had much sun in Boston...


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