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Umm... no way you can get two sats, sub and decent stereo receiver for under $399. According to the Parts Express page, the sub kit alone is $349. Add the speakers at $225/pair... and DECENT stereo receiver at at least $199... you are way over $399 for Ultras at $773... good God.... go out and buy some RF-3's off eBay and get a decent stereo receiver for that price. You'd be satisfied with the bass of those for a while... and you'd probably spend less even after shipping. Heck... there were some RP-3's on there today... you'd even get subs that way.

Just my opinion... coming from me in a not so happy mood...

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I said ABOUT the same. so in the $400-500 range. you get the rb10s for 200-225, a dayton sub(10" 100wt) for $125(i was NOT talking about a titanic) and a receiver for 150-200 and the price is.... around $500-525. and because the Ultra BASH amp is average quality theres no need to power the rb10s with a "decent" amp that cost $200+. I think any stereo receiver costing 130-150 is fine. why spend more money on the amp than the speakers are worth.

not trying to argue here, just stating my opinion so don't take any offense. 2.gif


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My mains are RF-35's and center is RCX-4. I had very little room for a center so this worked the best at the time. I got it last October, if I had known that there would be an RC-10 so soon I would have waited. However, I like the RCX-4 the dialog is very clear and fits me needs.

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Ok... so let me try to reword what you posted...

ProMedia's are 'average'... so you are saying there is no need to power the RB-10's with anything good... so we would end up with average or even less than average sound quality because the receiver would suck (to save money...).

Also... a 100W 10" speaker is NOT a sub... and if you argue that it is, we'll give it the title of a VERY sucky one. I don't consider 10" anything subs... to go with a 100W 10" for "sub" would really be a waste, IMO. Also... power for the sub? We need to pay for an amp here... enclosure???

So... you were proposing a separates system that would in fact be WORSE than the Promedia Ultras for MORE money. Makes good economic sense to me...

This from me in a worse mood than last night... lot of stuff going on... all of it sucks.

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