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My LCD remote that came with my Sony Da555es receiver died. Freak bubble accident (dumb cat). Anyway, I can get along with out it except for two important functions.

1. I can't remotely change the surround field. This isn't a big deal, the TV is only 10' away.

2. This is the part that stinks. I can't remotely adjust the levels. Which makes fine tuning my stereo a pain. Playing test tones on the AVIA cd and then getting up adjusting the level, then sitting down, checking it, so on and so forth.

Anyone know of a good remote that will be able to use the functions. I guess that I could get mine fixed but if a pronto or similar remote will work then maybe I will just go with that.


Come on honey why can't I spend some more money?

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Keep in mind that without YOUR remote you won't be able to configure a LEARNING remote that relies on getting transmissions from some other unit.

That means you have to (a) buy another DA555ES remote from Sony cwm13.gif, or (B) get one that CLEARLY STATES that the command set for the DA555ES is one of the preprogrammed collections, or © get one that can download codes from the Internet, and verify that the codes for your receiver are available before you buy the unit.

All in all, shouldn't be too tough, that's a popular model.



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Audio is engineering

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my experience w/my strda777ES remote is-GET THE ORIGINAL REPLACEMENT FROM SONY. remote control/ops/programming/MACROS is something i've been paid large $$'s to do, and although the rmav2100 from sony is sweet-IF most or all of your equipment is sony-it has to be taught the sound field commands, and the original remote is easier to use! mine is a touch screen, if yours is like that, get the original replacement-imo.avman.btw-a 'not enough coffee yet so let's spill some on the touch screen remote' fiasco occured about 2 months ago. fortunately for me and every living creature in my house, i'm the one who spilled it, and after some CAREFUL 'surgery' it's working GREAT!-no problems at all. to replace it would have been $300, OUCH! also i had a problem w/it when i got it, shipped it to sony, got it fixed under warranty, gotta love the 5-yr warranty on ES!


1-pair klf 30's

c-7 center

sony strda-777ES receiver

dishnetwork model 7200 dishplayer satellite receiver/digital bitstream recorder

pioneer dvd player

sharp 35"tv

panamax max dbs+5 surge protector/power conditioner

monster cable interconnects/12 gua.speaker wire

surrounds and a 'teens sub coming!

KLIPSCH-So Good It Hz!

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