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Whose playing the guitar upstairs?!

Erik Mandaville

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My sister in law just came in from outside where she was working on a paper on her laptop.

When she approached the stairwell, she asked Marie (in all seriousness!)if someone were upstairs playing guitar!

This is EXACTLY the thing I love to hear! It's working well, and just out of curiosity I've replaced the Heresy with one of my Lowther horns. From initial impressions with this first CD, I think it will work quite well for the time being. I need to turn it's volume down a bit further than with the Heresy, but the balance in fequency response between the three speakers seems similar enough to make the illusion work.

An interesting overall perception of 3 channels: I feel I'm listening to fewer speakers than I did with just two. I think much of this has to do with the fact that the overall sound seems to me to be more cohesive and unified than it did with two (which for years I thought was something incapable of being improved upon). For me, this is a definite improvement.

The CD is a Fingerstyle guitar playing from Narada. Very well recorded, and it really does sound like someone is in the other room playing a real instrument! Wonderful sound.

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On 11/26/2004 8:18:23 PM Erik Mandaville wrote:

I can relate to that very well, Seti!

BTW: I like the quote from PWK in your signature block. Believe it or not, even a single very good quality watt has been satisfying with the big Klipschorns!


Thanks I haven't gone lower than 8wpc but I would love to hear it on my system. After I get my next two purchases out of the way I would like to have buy a couple more amps perhaps a 2a3 amp and I'd also like some vintage quad II pp monoblocks.

I listened to all kinds of music last night never got tired of listening and I'm so hyper that doesn't happen often lol. I listened to alot of Peter Gabriel forgot how much I liked Passion and T'Rex was just sounding too good.

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