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Apostasy-Musicians No Nohting About Listening to Music


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For a clarification in amplified performances, Rock Musicians notably Bass, rhythm and lead guitarists, also electric piano players and Organists have an amplifier behind them. Size of the amplifier may vary depending upon if the P.A. system takes the load.

There are stages where the amplifiers are moved to hide them, but in most any case the Musician and vocalist have either floor monitors or in ear monitors. Even the drummer usually has a floor monitor near them.

Pete Townshend, Dion are but 2 of a number of Musicians with hearing loss due to having amplifiers behind them. There is an Organization, "Musicians Against Hearing Loss" that tries to educate musicians on the damage that can occur years later after much exposure to High Sound Levels.

I saw Bob Dylan about 2 years ago. It was the first concert that I attende that had 4 sound level meter atop the mixing sound board.

I used one when Engineering live Concerts. Even Acoustic guitarists who amplify their Instrument usually have the amplifier behind them.

Some of the musicians I have worked for, or know, use their horn P.A. speakers at home for the reasons of clarity and cost saving - the musician does not have to buy home audio speakers.

In any note, the monitor speakers can put out a high Sound Pressure Level on their own.

Minn_male was correct on his interpretation of a symphonic concert. Just to add one thing to that - besides listening to all that he stated, the musician usually has another of the same instrument next to them. Not all, but Violins, trumpets, slide trombones etc. to add to what they have to listen for.


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