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Help! I've got 2 ugly cardboard boxes in front of my RF-3II towers, and it looks really stupid. But the cats don't entertain ideas of turning the grille cloth into shredded rags that way. I don't know for sure that they would go for the grilles, but I don't want to take the risk. Anybody face this problem and come up with a good solution? Don't want to use repellent sprays, costly and toxic. Don't want to declaw cats. I'm thinking if I could find some black mesh wire screen deal, I could cover the lower part of the grille without it being too noticeable. Cats won't scratch anything real hard or that will snag their claws, like wire. Anybody????

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this may not be an option if you have "touchy kids" but you could just remove the grills. just a suggestion, mune are both declawed and the only hassle i have with them is the coating of the botton 10 inches or so with cat hairs.

a second suggestion could be to put some double side tape (or loop tape so it is sticky on both sides) all over the botton of the grills, if the cats touch it, the tape gets on their feet (which mine absolutly hate) and keep that up for a couple of weeks to break the habit.

hmmm, just thought of this while typing, you could use a lot of heavy spray starch on the lower grill that doesn't cover up a woofer and make that scratch zone really hard and stiff. not sure if that would work, seems like it would rinse out if it didn't...try on small hidden area first (or scrap cloth/material)?

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