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what would you buy?


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I am moving overseas asn i need to get a laptop before leaving the US, right now I have a gateway desktop p4 brand new that I can trade in to gateway on the purchase of a new laptop from them, but I need some opinions on laptop so I do not get stucked with a bad one.

Mainly it will be used for the internet, DVD's and cd burner...

Thanks for your

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Seems silly to get anything other than a Gateway when you can trade yours in, I would keep the peripherals, such as the monitor, since the CPU loses value so quickly, but items like the keyboard and printer can be used with any system that you get,

also make sure that there is a headphone jack on the CD player or audio outputs on the back so that you can listen to music, then add some external speakers like the Klipsch ...


big old horns, tube amps, tube pre-amp, British CD player, two subs, double wire, pipe insulation, paving stones, rubber mats & curtains

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After announcing the layoff of 25% of their employees and the closing of their service center Gateway stock went up 3%. Does that mean if they layoff 100% that the stock will go up 12%? Love the cow colored boxes.(yes I use a Gateway at work).

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