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interim speaker match for Sunfire setup


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Is anyone familiar with the Sunfire line of products-- specifically the Cinema Grand amp/ Theater Grand 2 prepro, and the True Sub-- and how they would match either the Legend 20s or KG5.5s? I am worried the the "hiss" associated with the Sunfire amp might be too pronounced with such efficient speakers. Also, any thoughts on how the Reference Series might match up? (I listened to the RF3s at my local shop, but was disuaded from them by their head installer--he knows my listening and party habits and warned me that I would likely "turn them inside out." The system is primarily for movies and personal listening, but does, occasionally, have to entertain 30 or 40 of my drunken, depraved friends(Sometimes the volume knob really DOES need to go to 11!)

Maybe I should consider the pro line-- any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Some of the pro Klipsch speakers are very interesting and no doubt much better speakers than anything available in the home line. The KP 301 is interesting; a 15" woofer with mid and high horns and the closest thing available to the old Cornwall, I've heard these and they're VERY good. And those "small" motion picture theater speakers with the double 15s and compression driver and horn above 500 cycles look very good too, if I was looking for new Klipsch speakers I'd be looking at them and not the home line. I'm surprised the Klipsch fanatics on this forum aren't discussing the pro line for use in the home.

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I know Sunfire very well,I had the Theater Grand and Sunfire 5 channel Signature amp at home for a good week.And I own the Sunfire Signature,Mark II and Junior subs!Plus a Carver TFM-75 and Carver Knight Shadow sub.

The Klipsch RF series will match very well,now the question is HOW LARGE IS YOUR LISTENIG ROOM?

If its a mid-sized room RB5's would do the trick.If its again a mid sized room and like you said you want the extra SPL then the new RF-5's are great choices.

By the way I now have these for test,very good match,not agressive like some other horn loaded speakers I heard.

And if the room is large and you need slam to scare the dead then the RF-7's are are sure hit.Plus the better tweeter and larger drivers will not even break a sweat!

The Sunfire amps have all the power you will need to drive to its limits any Klipsch.

I now use a ATI 2505 beast to drive the RF-5's! LOL

Let me tell you it kicks,and its not only loud when needed,quality is here!

And I know about quality since my main system speakers are Dynaudio Contour 3.3's.Very detailed and these will have slam if a very powerful amp is used.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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