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finally got my v2400....but there's a problem


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when i play dvds, it isn't surround sound. all the speakers output the same thing. how can i fix this...

i've got a sb live plat card, and i'm not sure what to adjust, so any help would be very much appreciated

thanks alot guys

and i really like this board

tons of nice people

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What dvd player are you using? If it's a software player like powerdvd or windvd you need to go into the audio settings and set it to 4 speaker or 6 speaker sound. For a hardware decoder I have no idea 'cause I don't have one. Hope this helps.

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I have the same problem as laz... except I have a Hollywood+ card. The audio from all the channels is being outputed from all the speakers. Everything was ok a week ago, but I recently bought the remote control for the Hollywood+... I wonder if that is creating some conflicts. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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