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Dennon AVR-2801setup, Jonprat r u there?


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I spent two days trying to set up my Dennon AVR -2801 and I still can't get it right. The worst thing is that I don't even know if maybe I am missing any wires. I have one coaxial wire that goes out from DVD to coaxial input in the reciever. I also have S-Video wire that goes to the TV and so on I don't even remmember any more. I am totally confused in all this wiring. I am new to this, so please if you have this reciever look at your wires and help.


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Hate to say this,but just sit down with the manual and go step by step.

I've got 3 Denon AVR's,the bed room AVR is the 2800 and last years 2801.I agree that the manual is a bit confusing,not laid out very well,but not as bad as some of the others.After having had Denon of some kind for 5 or 6 years,it get's easier.

Wish I could go through it with you and this is the hardest way to do it,on a forum.

Don't know any easier way to help you.

Email me with a set by step direction of what you have done and I could probably help.


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I have the 2800(last years 2801)in my bed room and use S out with my Dishnetwork and composite with my VCR.I noticed the other day the OSD worked when switched to the VCR on composite and when on S for the sat.,worked there too.I've had it since Nov.'99 and never knew that.The 2801 should work the same way,I don't know.

The 2800 when in my living room worked with a mix of S and Comp.as long as you have both S and Comp inputs on your TV and have the monitor outs(both used)on the 2801.

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If you're not getting Dolby Digital/DTS sound from your DVD player, you probably need to assign the digital input on your receiver. Without assigning it, your receiver will read the analog (RCA jack) inputs only. That is, you need to tell the receiver that each time you go to that particular input, you want the receiver to read the sound from the digital input instead. Your manual should tell you how.

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I have the Denon 3300 so Im sure its the same setup. I have a toshiba SD 1200 DVD player. My setup, Run the S-Video from DVD to the Television. Run a coaxial from DVD to the Receiver (Bitstream on my Denon that passes the DTS/DD to the receiver). Ok, On my reciever, I assign the DVD to the coaxial out on the setup menu. Then you have to go back into your DVD setup menu and assign the audio output to Bitstream, so it knows to pass the DD/DTS to the receiver. You should have 3 options, 2 channel audio, PCM, and Bitstream. Then when you pop in the DVD you need to select which audio you want. Hit DVD on the receiver and you should have sound.

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