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Wireless Speakers


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I wish to set up a wireless set of speakers in a room distant from my computer. I would like to run a set of Klipsch speakers. Can anyone tell me what I need in terms of the base and receiver stations and where I can get them ? As you can tell I'm new to this game. Thanks

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If at all possible, I'd encourage you to listen to any wireless products before you buy. I tried out a set of Sennheiser 900MHz wireless headphones last year, and ended up returning them. There was a great deal of background hiss that I was never able to "tune out". For the most part, I was using the 'phones within about 15 ft of the transmitter.

The X10 product uses 2.4GHz technology, so may have better performance. Nevertheless, I'd recommend "try before you buy".

Good luck.

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