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Crazy Christmas lights video!


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They're not computer-controlled lights. None of that is actually happening in realtime. It's a stop-motion video. If you look to the upper-left behind the house, you'll see a neighboring house's light go on and off consistently with certain lights.

Did you even start to read what someone else had posted about this:


Look at the left side of the house, and notice that tower in the distance with the white blinking "airplane light". It blinks constantly, at about a second interval, through-out the video. If somebody was screwing around with the video footage with a digital video editing program, they would definitly messed up that blinking light in the background. I highly doubt anybody is that good with such a program to prevent that from messing up. That video is indeed legit. The seemingly jumping around vegetation at the bottom is just simply an artifact of the compression (which that guy had to compress quite a bit to make it managable for upload - would love to see a the full resolution video, or better yet, see the actual display - wonder if he is doing it again this year. Damn shame he doesn't say where he is at in the PlanetChristmas forum)

And for farther proof, I found this thread on ChristmasPlanet.com where the guy (one Mr. Carson Williams) that did the display started. According to him, it consists of some 16,000 lights and uses 88 Light-O-Rama (LOR) channels. He did it for last years (2004) Christmas. It seems Light-O-Rama is some outfit that makes programmable controllers and associated software. This is all done to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizards of Winter" track, form thier The Lost Christmas Eve album. Anybody with a little patience and technical know-how can pull this off.

I am certainly impressed, and has me inspired to want to try something like that!

There you go, Mr. Skeptic. [:@]

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