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Question about impedance while biamping


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If the speaker is rated at 8 ohms as a whole - what happens to the impedance of the drivers if I biamp?

I am thinking about driving the woofers on my RC7 using my SS 200 watt Luxman - but running the horns with my new 40 watt Anthem. I would just use the already in place connectors faciliting the biwiring option. Know what I mean?

But I'm wondering about the impedance. Since I'll be using two seperate amps - does that mean the impedance will go to 16 ohms and so cut my power in half?



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You'd need to find a graph showing how the impedence varies with frequency to get a rough idea of what the separate impedences of the low pass and high pass sections of the speakers will present when they're separated for bi-amping.

If the impedence were fairly uniform (and I have no idea if it is), then the individual low and high sections would present about the same overall impedence to each amp when bi-amped that they together present to a single amp when tied together. If the impedence varies significantly with frequency, it's quite possible that one amp might see significantly more than 8 ohms, and the other significantly less. I'd call Klipsch tech support and ask them what the average impedences are of each half of the crossover.



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Ray is right here,and also the Anthem should have no trouble with the upper range,In the highs the curve does not dip down,it stats up.The woofer section can go below 8 ohms,the Luxman should have no problems with even 4 ohms(I doubt the Klipsch goes so low).

Tell us how it goes,tubes for the highs and SS for lows,this should be interesting.

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Deang---Your active crossover won't care what the driver impedances are, it will still crossover wherever you set it. If the drivers are nominal 8 ohm impedance they'll remain such and they probably are. Even if the horn was 16 ohms your tube amp will have plenty of power, I get Hellacious volume from my compression drivers with 12 watts a channel.

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