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DVD question?


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As posted in the SBLive! & AE thread:

DVD drive for under $200? That pretty much includes them all. I ended up ordering a Sony 12X for around $70. There are a lot of drives that you can get from 70-100. I doubt that there wil be much of a difference between them. Also, I believe that the 12X and the 16X read CDROM at 40X so I just went with the 12X. I can always get a 3rd CDROM drive if I wanted sometime in the future if needed I will be getting the rest of the shipments on monday and should ahve my system up and running then. I will let you know how the DVD drive is

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Okay! I'll edit it! $125 sound okay? smile.gif

Unfortuately, I'm not very patient when it comes to waiting, Is there anything I could grab at best buy?

What about software packages?

Also, I don't think I'd need a hardware decoder, right? My system is a AMD 500 with a Voodoo3.


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I ordered my drive online and it was a BareDrive package so no software came with it . Online + Bare = $$ Saved for other mor important stuff. As for a decoder car, not sure what to say. I am not gettin one just because I will have a 1+GHz computer. I am not real familiar with Voodoo cards so perhaps someone else would know. I would think it would run good. I have a PII300 w/64MB RAM and currently have my old 4MB Riva128 in and I can play .vob files just fine altho I am not sure how they compare to an actual DVD.

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SEB was that pioneer DVD drive you bought the slot loading version or the tray loading version? I believe the model number for the slot version is DVD-105S!

If it is the slot version could you give me a rough over view of what you think of it please, as im thinking of getting that model!

1.Slot loading mechanism (is it any good/trouble)?

2.Access speeds (does it seem fast enough)?

3.Opperational noise (does it blow the house down when it is spinnig at full speed)?

Thanks for any help you can give me with this!



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i have the tray model

it was cheaper and there was no reason why it would perform better.

admitted, it is cooler.

the drive is plenty fast, with CDs and DVDs.

when really spinning hard, it is pretty noisy, but since it is fast, it'll never stay that way more than a couple seconds. when it is coasting at normal speeds, it's pretty silent. i can hear it, but my computer fan is waaay louder.

only problem, compared to my 32X burner and my old 16X CDROM, is that it takes a lot of time sometimes when I press eject. i know it has to spin down, and I've seen it happen with my friend's fast CDROM too, but it's still an annoyance. probably can't avoid that though. and anyways, it only happens every so often, it's doesn't have to spin down every time.

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I have the slot version and it seems a little quieter than tray... also looks neater

All in all its a fast drive. Faster than my old Kenwood True52X. Had it for a while and no reliability problems. It can do DAE at 12X as reported by Adaptec Ezcreator.


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