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DVD question?


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Bump, hehe Sam_D.

I had my H+ hooked to my TV. It wasn't to impressive,(keeping in mind that i only had it hooked up with cheap $7.00 jacks that ran 25ft)

The image quality was reduced a little, i lost the dark shadow tones, (everything was an even black).

I wonder how much of a difference it would have made if i had bought expensive jacks.(video jack was 89.00 and audio was a little over 100.00)

Although now i've moved my desk even further. My pc is about 40ft away from my tv.

Is it to far now?

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Don't lough, i got 10yr old Hitachi 21".

Yeah that's in canadian prices.

I'm talkin about the cheapest jack wires available.

Sound was good, but image was poor.

(i had it plugged into my tv's inputs)

Interface was as easy as it gets, just click on the tv icon in the H+ console and voila, off to the tv.

I don't think the tv=out on the H+ is bad. I think it's pretty damn good. Just i didn't want to put that kind of money on high-end jacks.

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Well I hope everything will be fine (I'm going to use an s-video cable for video, and um...something else? for audio)

The price came out to be $73.22 US w/overnight shipping (i'm impatient smile.gif ) for the Hollywood + card and $129.83 (also with Fex-ex overnight shipping) for the Pioneer DVD 16x slot-load.

The Hollywood + and the Pioneer drive comes with a 30-day money back guarentee, so I should be fine.

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Yeah well, how much is this thing gonna cost?

Too much i bet.

The review said that the geforce3 runs Quake3 in 1024x768 Anti-Aliased at about 70fps. I just looked up my "el cheapo" Radeon 32mb ddr

and it runs it at 61.1 and the geforce 2(gts i think) ran it at 66.1.

I sure hope they don't sell it over 800.00 cnd. people would be stupid to pay that much for so little improvement.

Although it is neat that it has


programmable vertex and pixel shaders, which allow the illusion of dimples to be added to a golf ball.

then again i don't play golf games.

Bllllaaahaahahaaaahahaha biggrin.gif

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He also said the GeForce3 will run Quake 3 in anti-aliased mode at 1024x768 resolution, at about 70 frames per second. The chip, he said, pushes 800 million anti-aliased pixels per second.

If you had any idea of what is the anti-aliased mode, you wouldnt have said that.

And for the golf ball, that was what we usually call in this business...an EXAMPLE...

which means that this dosnt apply only for golf balls.

And for the price...well.. I'm gonna ask this to everyone...


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Ok ok, i'm no vid. card expert nor pc expert for that matter.

I'm sure it's a big improvement over the existing 3d chipsets. But c'mon man the prices on the upcoming cards are FREAKIN ridiculous!!!!!

You know damn well that 6 months after that some other card will blow that one away.

Ati maybee???

I didn't want to offend anyone either. Especially you Nvidia owners. There are a lot of you. (the review stated that Nvidia captured 47% of desktop graphics chip shipments during the fourth quarter)

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Sure, the prices are absolutely too high, but hey, it's worth it!

I bought my Guillemot TNT 2 Ultra a year and a half from now at 400$. It was brand new, and now it still works really fine with every games on the market.

Now, since I'm mad about havin the top of the line, I'm surely gonna buy one of those babies a little after they come out...

I could also put a 200$ on a ATI Radeon DDR or NVidia Geforce II MX, but I doubt it will last very long in my hands... So that's why even if the price is high, I (and a lof of people) will get one....

Take for example the Playstaion II! CMON! This thing is worth 700$ with 2 games and a saving card... In a year from now, they will sell the same thing at 400$ cuz of the X-Box and Game Cube. and 300$ the year after. But still, Sony sold around 8 millions of those.

I think it's the same thing for video cards, yeah you could wait for a new one coming into the market and the one you want to get a better selling price. But now, it will last less longer, becuz the game are asking more and more.

So for big gamers like me biggrin.gif, I say I dont really have choice to buy one of those even if the price is really high.

Oh well, gaming's getting expensive these days.. smile.gif

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So for big gamers like me , I say I dont really have choice to buy one of those even if the price is really high.

I understand your passion Mike biggrin.gif.

Even though i know i'm gonna upgrd. vid card (as sure as death and taxes). I will definately buy the card that has been out for 4 to six months already.

And i know the "Golf ball" thing was just an ex. (i'm a cynical bstd.)

The prog. vertex and pixel shaders are really neat, Artist would'nt have to actually model those dimples in (wich would result in increased file sizes and rendering time)

It is amazing what they're coming out with.

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