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Using Rope Caulk on my Chorus's?

Mike Lindsey

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I have seen a number of threads regarding putting rope caulk on the squawker and tweeter horns of the heritage series speakers to reduce some of the ringing. I was wondering if it could be applied to the Chorus's as well? Mine are from 1989 and have the K-57-K squawker (plastic) and the K-79-K tweeter. I just removed the squawker and it's over a foot long! But because it's plastic, I don't know if this mod would do anything. Also, I noticed that there is no insulation inside my cabinets. Would insulation help to dampen the horns?

Thanks in advance,



Family Room


Hitachi 43UWX10B HDTV (16:9)

Denon AVR-4800

Acurus A200X3

Panasonic DVD-RP91K (Progressive Scan & DVD-Audio)

Dual CS-5000 Turntable w/Shure V15V-MR

DBX 3bx Series III Range Expander

Klipsch Chorus (mains - Acurus Amp)

Klipsch KLF-C7 (center - Acurus Amp)

Klipsch Epic CF-2's (rears)

Klipsch RS-3's (rear surrounds)

SVS 20-39CS Sub w/Samson S700 Amp

Monster HTS-3500 Line Conditioner

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 Digital Cable box

Monster M-500 Component Video cables

Monster Datalink 100 Digital Coaxial cables

Radio Shack Gold Series & AR for all other audio interconnects



Mitsubishi 31" TV

Yamaha M-4 Amp

Yamaha C-4 Preamp

Yamaha T-7 Tuner

Teac DVD Player

Dual CS-721 Turntable w/B&O MMC2

Looking for a pair of Heresy's

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Rope caulk cannot hurt the horns and it is removable. You'll have to try it to see it it will work. Use at least 2 layers mashed on firmly.

Your cabinets were not designed to have "insulation". Adding it will change the tuning and will likely make the bass softer, with peaks and valleys in the response. I cannot predict where or how bad the peaks and valleys will be. Try it and see if you like it. The "insulation" will not affect the horns.


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