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Crown DC-Series Reviews

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Bumping for instigations sake! Shame on you Jeff.LOL. Ultimately this will come down to a definition of high end vs. moderate high end vs. low high end vs. middle end (wait, isn't that where the Hobbit's live? no that's Bag's End in Middle Earth, which by the time of the Klipsch Forum days became known as middle end) (wait, isn't that where this started?).

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where will it end ..??

i guess "high end audio".........can't be produced by manufacturers with 40 + years in amplification

can't be produced by manufacturers with 4 to 20 million dollar R+D budgets

can't be produced by manufacturers where management came from companies like Hewlett Packard

indeed, it must come from companies with little in the way of sales volume, archaic production techniques, or ..3rd party subcontract manufacturing, little in the way of product depth, no r+d budget

but hey ....we got a $5000 ad in Stereophile

and away we go ..

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.... and according to another thread (on Crites' tweeters), I might as well not care what amp is running, as long as it's not clipping. They all sound the same at very loud volumes.

If I'd have known my listening volumes were not intended by Klipsch, I'd have bought me some of those cone speakers.

I'm not sure how anyone who is big on low to moderate volume - but especially low - claims to love the Klipsch sound over those 13-cone high-end speakers. Boston Acoustics, Paradigm, etc. (if I remember their names).

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