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A few simple questions:


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Hey all!

Living in Pakistan for most of the year really limits / restricts the desire to tweak / improve / fidget with your audio setup because most of the thing that you require to do so are just not available. So now that I'm in Canada for a few months, I was wondering about a couple of things that I needed... So before I pull the trigger, I needed some information.

First of all, what's a good center that matches the KHorns and that is not that expensive... I'm currently running a KEF Reference center which does a good job... But I'm sure that a matching Klipsch would be nicer.

Secondly, I'm looking at an SPL meter to buy. There is no Radio Shack in Canada anymore (sniff!) The closest thing is a store called The Source by Circuit City, and they don't seem to carry it anymore. Radio Shack online doesn't have it. Any suggestions for means of getting it or alternatives that are equally inexpensive? Amazon has a few that they ship that are slightly different but close to the $50 price range.

Finally, I've heard some discussion of the Aiwa (?) cd that can be used to calibrate a system. Where can I get that online?

Sorry people, I know that these questions have all been asked before... but the search function still seems to be down...

Any help is highly appreciated!!! Thanks,


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Pull the triger eh? I can't answer most of your questions except that the least expensive center would probably be a heresy of some kind, depending on your exact Khorn model. Others here will have more specific advice. In the meantime, enjoy the great north!

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