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B & k 7250


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Anyone out there have an opinion on the B & K 7250 amp? Rated at 200 X 5. I am also considering the Outlaw 750 at about half the price as well as the Acurus 200 X 5. The salesguy at Sound Advice did say the Outlaw was a good amp, however, the B & K was in a whole different class.

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Since no one seems to have a clear idea here let me chip in

The B&K amp is more smooth then the Outlaw or Acurus.

The Outlaw is like the ATI 1505(bit better construction).It hits hard and you may find it harsh,depending on the pre/pro and source you use.

The B&K's match very well with Klipsch speakers.

Its smooth sailing towards audio nirvana.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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I will be using my Yamaha RXV2095 as the preamp and the processor. I did listen to the B&K on a pair of RF7's at the shop, but only briefly. I enjoy live music and like an active sound system. The 2095 is not a harsh amp itself and neither are my Cornwall II's. I am leaning toward the Outlaw (at Shapeshifters recommendation cause you always need to blame someone) but wonder if that extra 35 watts are worth the extra grand. TheEar: Thanks for chiming in. I do appreciate and value your opinion.

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