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Mixing Models and Brands


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I'd like opinions on the following:

1. Proposed system: RB-35's front, RB-25's (or RS-25's?) rear, RC-25 center, and RS-10 sub.

2. Proposed other system: RB-35's front with rears, center and sub from another (read somewhat less expensive) company.

What are the risks of mixing the 35's with the 25's and mixing Klipsch with another brand.

And where do you buy the RB series? It seems hard to find.

This is all about budget, of course.


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Stick with all Klipsch and you'll get a far better result. Tonal matching is important. The more different each speaker sounds, the more distracting it is. You are looking for a smooth transition from speaker to speaker to achieve an enveloping surround field. Having different sounding speakers in different locations is jarring and detracts from the experience. Using a different MFG's sub is okay as long as it blends well at the frequency the Klipsch's want to be crossed over at and is dynamically capable.

The RB's you mention above are all discontinued. Take a look at the newest Ref IV product which has an improved horn design and is smoother.

You might also look at the speakers from the Reference Cinema 10 system. That product doesn't get as much attention round these parts but that little system is FABULOUS sounding! Super dynamic, smooth, and well integrated.

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Considering the fact that Klipsch speakers are more efficient than most other speakers out there, mix-n-match will be something to avoid if possible. What will end up happening is the Klipsch speakers will probably drown out the other speakers both in sheer decibel output and in overall clarity and detail.

For many years I ran a Klipsch KV-1 center channel along with a Definitive Technology sub/satellite system. I hardly ever used the center channel because even though it was a pretty inexpensive Klipsch center, it really outdid all the other speakers I had.

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