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1965 LA SCALA Speakers


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They are currently black! They still have the little plate on the back of when and where they were made. (Hope Arkansas)

Good condition, could need some cleaning up. They have been stored in a shop and have been covered and off the ground.

As far as I know they are still stock...

I would have to say they are the best speakers i have ever heard. I had them when i was in college and probably could have blown out the windows.. Just never flet like having to replace the glass.....

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Where is Ruston?? And what do you think they are worth too? I think if you look at Ebay you will see a wild difference in cost with what you have. The "Blue Book," of course, has these, and all Klipsch speakers, extreemly low, but will at least give you a bottom. Looking at any La Scala's. ( FYI 250-350 depending on finish.)

That said... And like any "collectable," the real price is what someone is really willing to pay for it too. What you will find is this first off clean them up very nice and get some pictures done. Post them first on here, (because we are, afterall, all Klipsch lovers and willing to pay a little more for our Klipsch Speakers) If you do not get what you want for them, post them on Ebay. I think you will find at the low end 450- exotic woods/ perfect 10 condition just over $1,000. is not uncommon. Don't forget the serial numbers on the back of the La Scala's they will tell what year finish etc etc yours were made. Should be on the sticker as well as branded on the rear too. Hope this helps!!!

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Thanks for the info IndyKlipschFan!

Louisiana!! Ruston is in the north central part of the state...

I will be picking up the speakers this weekend.. I plan on cleaning them up some for now and use them for a while.. that is if i can find a place to put them..

Very true about the price... They are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them But that is true for about all things. I will check out the Blue Book for the base prices.. By the way, is this Kelly blue book or some other book?

Also, where can I find out what the serial numbers mean.. I know like most serial numbers, you have to have a book to decipher them.. Is that true for this application?

I would think that if the speakers have the original finish, they would probably be worth more.. But i could also be wrong on that point..

Thanks for the advice and input..

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Orian blue book. Any good Hi end Stereo store will let you take a loook at theirs for free. ( They use this for trade ins etc etc. It might also be at the library too. (My info came from from my local stereo stores Orian blue book. They were kind enough to let me copy some prices down in my quest of Klipsch heritage products.)

If your planning to sell them, again, look at the format most people use on Ebay.. This includes date made...finish serial numbers of both units, general condition including bad points too ( scratches, things not working etc etc) and you should get a good offer.

But I would consider selling them in here < Klipsch bulliten boards> with a post first. You may get more money for your wallet, and still save the hassles sometimes involved with Ebay because we are all, afterall, Klipsch fanatics too.

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