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Which one do you think sounds better?


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I plan to upgrade my auto audio system with limited budget, here's my situation

-my car has 4 seats and the back seats are empty most of the time, so I can put some audio stuffs on it.

I am think two choice here:


1) 4 Quintents (two front, two back)

2) use my old pioneer vs409 AVreciever

3) a ~$100 8" Sub or maybe a SONY WM40 or a Cambridge 8" Sub

4) a MP3 CD player

5) 600Watts auto inverter


1) Klipsch ProMedia 4.1

2) a MP3 CD player

3) current 250Watts auto inverter

which one do you think will sounds better? if not to much different, I think choice two is a bit easier for my pocket, thanks

PS ProMedia V.2-400 looks like about 50-100 cheaper than ProMedia 4.1, anybody know their differences?



Denon 3300

Klipsch RF-3II

Klipsch RC-3II

Klipsch Quintets surround

M&K MX-350 THX sub

Toshbia 6200 DVD player

Yamaha CDC-675 Changer

Toshbia 43HX70 HDTV

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Mark Levinson is only doing work for Lexus for now. My mother-in-law just got a new LS430 and opted not to get the $8,000 upgraded Mark Levinson audio system. I beleive it is available in all four of the 400 series models. The car is still pretty nice without the Mark Levinson system, but what the hell I would have gone for the gusto!

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