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New harman / kardon DVD player arrived today


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Matches my h/k receiver perfectly!

Embarassingly, up to this point I had been using a Magnavox DVD player that I won at a work party 2 years ago. It was worth about $30. Music DVDs such as Eagles Farewell Tour I and U2 Rattle and Hum always sounded terrible on the Magnavox. CD playback was also very poor. Picture quality was so-so. Blacks were never black, colors were ok.

I was happy to see UPS deliver my h/k DVD player to me at work today. I got a DVD 31-Z (refurbished) for $88 shipped, retailing at $349.

So what is different between a $30 DVD player and a $349 DVD player? EVERYTHING!!! I used to be disappointed when I played live concert DVDs because everyone on here kept saying how good they sounded. Well, now I hear what everyone else is hearing. First DVD I played was Rattle and Hum and the first song I played was Angel of Harlem. Halfway through the song I turned to my wife and said "Now, I know that you don't notice any difference between this DVD player and the old one" at which point she interrupted me and said "Um, I can tell a HUGE difference! The picture quality is quite a bit better, too."

Lots more bass, treble is much more detailed but much smoother and voices sound incredibly crisp.

It is a DVD-Audio player, too. I'm only in 2 channel right now, but maybe in the future I'll be able to take advantage of that feature.

Looks like I'll be spending a bit of time watching/listening to all my DVDs again! [:D]

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Glad to hear you like your new player. I happen to own the DVD 22 and i find it to be a fantastic dvd player. Very similar to the 31 but the 22 doesn't do the high res formats. Picture quality is just amazing and the audio is extremely smooth. Of the dvd players i have had around here the HK just smokes the others as far as audio and video.


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