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An amazing DIY theater project


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If you have not seen this yet...follow this link and scroll down till you see "stars" [:D]http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/7/641252/ShowThread.aspx#641252

It's an amazing project by a DIY'fer in FL. I watched it happen over on the AVS Forum. I knew he was a smart and talented guy as the theater developed, but when he added the Klipsch THX2...well then I knew he was a man with taste!

For step by step construction details, see this link...http://www.smxscreen.com/ , register and then select the construction forum. Lots of detailed info.

I only wish he had started before I finished mine. Just so well thought out and designed. Feast your eyes!

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He did not reveal the exact figures but the "street" estimates over at AVS from guys following the project were in the $50-60K area. Not bad considering he must have close to $20K of that in the sound system. Several of the commercial HT builders did comment that it would easily exceed $150K to have it built by one of them.

Every time I go back and look at the project thread(s), I'm just blown away by the creativity exhibited...[:o][:D]

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