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Amp in sub-10 went bad?


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I'm looking for someone to give me some solid help. I called Klipsch and all they basically tell me is to bring my sub back to Best Buy, even though I can't find the reciept for it. Here is my problem:

Yesterday when I turned on my TV, I noticed that all my powerfull bass was gone. I have the Synergy sub-10. First thought was that it may be my reciever on a wrong setting or something like that, but that is not the case. Today I unpluged all the speakers and left just the sub connected and had the volume turned up with music input. I can hear the sub giving a faint "ratteling" sound when it recieves the signal to output the bass. This way I narrowed down that it is a problem with the sub itself, which I just purchased about 6 or 8 months ago.

I am looking for someone who can tell me exactly what the problem would be or could be and if there is anything that I can personally do to fix it because I can't bring back to Best Buy without a reciept. I assume that it is probably the amp inside the sub, but I don't have the experience to know for sure and if I can handle fixing the problem myself.

I would appreciete any input to save another $400 to go back and buy a new sub after this one only lasting the length that it did.

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I also went through a similar experience. I had a sub-10 for about the same amount of time, aprox 8 months. I think it was the amp cuz it made a horrible crackling sound about 5-10 minutes into playing anything.

Best Buy repair center is fairly good for fixing speakers under warranty. As long as they can't determine it was caussed from abuse, they will more than likely replace the entire speaker.

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Best Buy is financially responsible for all warranty coverage on the Klipsch products they sell. With some sort of proof of purchase (such as a bank statement showing the check) they will honor the warranty. They are not trying to evade service responsibility. 800-bestbuy will put you in touch with their service group if you are not getting the proper support at store level.

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