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My new home theater room will be ready in about 3 weeks! Room will be 18'L X 12" W X 7'H. My Scala's will then become part of the home theater. My plan is to add a Belle for center and two more Scala's. Will that be too much or should I be thinking Heresy's?? Are there any problems with the room size? I plan on using thick black drapes (one side of the room is all glass)on both side walls.


Home Theater:

Technics SA-1040DX

Klipsch SF1 Fronts

Klipsch KSW12 Sub.

Klipsch SC1 Center

Klipsch SF1 Rears

Panasonic RV31 DVD

Sharp 32" TV


Vintage Technics SA 404 Receiver

Klipsch 1976 La Scala's

Klipsch KG 3.5's

KSW 12 Sub

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Twelve inch wide room? Man, that's narrow. Biggrin.gif

In all seriousness, I think the LaScalas would be perfect as surrounds, as long as you have room for them! The glassed in wall will be acoustically live, so the thicker the drapes, the better. I would only use Heresys if space (or funding) is a consideration. As you can see with my rig, I am using Heresys as surrounds, and would have gone with another pair of 30s, but I had neither the space nor the cash!


1 pair Mahogany KLF-30s

1 Mahogany KLF-C7

1 pair Walnut 1977 Heresys

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I have 2 Klipschorns, 4 LaScalas (stacked front to side w/ the top ones angled forward toward my seat and the bottom ones angled toward the center of the back wall. I built a custom cabnet/ TV monitor stand using two sets of the same components but w/ shorter horns w/ K55V drivers and K77 tweeters on top of and beneath the TV and on top of a pair of K33 Woofers. The room is aprox. 12' x 24' x 6' 10" ceiling. I like the side LaScalas better elevated. It works very well. I had to play with positioning to idealize the bass effect. Just don't turn them up too much or you might hurt someone.


Soundog's HT Systems

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