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Quintet III stands?


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Oh man, let the flaming begin. I've got some really stupid
questions about mounting my Quintet III's on the wall. My problem
is that once mounted, I adjust the angle of the speaker but the ball
joint won't hold in place and the speaker winds up sagging until it's
facing straight down. What's going on? It looks like I've
got them mounted as illustrated in the manual.

Also, what's that little silver threaded post/screw type thing on the base, just fore of the ball joint?


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Did you ever find a fix for this issue? I'm a HT noob, and one of my satellites is having the same drooping issue. The other 3 satellites have no problem maintaining their orientation/angle, but this one guy will not stay up for anything.

I've removed the 3 screws via allen wrench, made sure the rubber socket and chrome ball were clean, and re-tightened, but this speaker wants to drop down. The chrome post is not long enough to hold the speaker at the proper angle (if that's its intended use), and furthermore the other 3 are nowhere near coming in contact with the chrome post. The owner's manual is pretty vague (i.e. non-existant) in covering this issue.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I just bought mine and mounted the first speaker. Same exact problem, the speaker stays up for about 30 seconds but then slowly starts to sag down toward the floor. Is there a way to keep them up or do I have to return it to the store?

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I finally had luck by getting the speakers to the proper alignment, then
tightening down the allen screws very tightly (being careful not to
strip, of course). I'd also make sure the rubber "boots" (the name escapes me now) that the
swivel point matches up with are very clean.

Hope this helps.
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liebherr954, that would work except they are already mounted to the wall and hole in sheetrock is cut for wire faceplates. I took the stands off and cleaned the rubber cup that connects to the steel knuckle. I noticed that they don't press hard enough. I had some thin foam that I cut and put behind the rubber cup. That seemed to add a tad bit more pressure to the knuckle which helps keep them alot more steady. Time will only tell if it works for a long period of time.

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Have you tried calling Klipsch to see if there's a real fix for this? I just bought I set, and 1 of mine keeps on dropping. I"m about to return them to the store, but it seams silly to waste an entire set of perfectly good speakers just because of 1 stuipd ball joint. What's the deal with Klipsch sending out all these speakers with a problem?

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