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svideo and composite


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I will have a Denon 1802 receiver soon. I already have a SB audigy sound card, a ASUS 8200 geforce3 deluxe with svideo in and also a DVD (panasonic rv31k). The DVD has a svideo output which i plug on my receiver. I also have a old VHS that i plug on my receiver but the output is composite. The geforce3 came with a "converter" for composite to svideo. This is not a converter ; it just make it possible to plug a composite rca into the svideo in jack of the geforce3. So my idea is to plug the composite output of the VHS on the composite/video adapter and plug the adapter on a svideo input of the receiver. I think that the adapter just sends the composite signal on 2 of the svideo conductors. It looks like that because when i watch TV (through my VHS, on my computer monitor) in svideo mode, i see a weird monochrome image.

So my question : If i plug the composite to svideo adapter on the input of the denon 1802, will it correctly transmit the composite signal through the svideo connection, to the svideo input of my graphic card?

Thanks for your help!



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Yes that should work fine. There are much better composite to s-video adapters available but free is always good :-) All of the converters will allow the composite signal to be seen on an s-video input but they will not be at the s-video resolution. This may be the cause to the ghosting you arre talking about.

I have converters on my VCR and cable tv box and they work great 98% of the time. There are times however when all the planets align and it does not look so good. I deal with it because I want to use the receiver to switch all of my video sources.



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