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For Sale: Luxman Amp


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Having recently purchased a B&K 4420 - I've decided to part with my Luxman M117 200wpc amplifier.

I bought the B&K because I had never heard a MOSFET amp before and curiosity got the best of me.

I have spent the last week comparing the two amps to one another. I could not keep both and had to decide which one to sell.

I believe the B&K to have a 'fuller' sound with more authority in the nether region. The Luxman is actually smoother sounding although a little 'thin' or 'flat' sounding in comparison. I could actually live with either amp but the B&K is 'new' to me if you know what I mean.

I am somewhat fanatical when it comes to my gear so the amp is in excellent condition with no scratches or dings. On occasion I pull the cages off of my gear and blow the dust away. The Luxman was just 'cleaned' last month.

The amp is a bipolar design using Darlington radio grade transistors in matched pairs. The amp is a high current design, carries a two ohm rating, and is bridgeable - that is, it can become a 'mono' amp. This makes it a good candidate for someone looking at the SVS subs.

I paid $1300 for this amp new and I will let it go for $375 + shipping.



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