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the RC7 is the center channel speaker for the reference 7 series... so it should be tonally similar to the mains (RF7), but as to having the same sonic signature? it's like comparing an elephant to those small porcelaine ones... sure they'll look similar, but they're not on the same scale!

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I have a pair of RF-7's and now a pair of RC-7's.

The RC-7's and RF-7's use the same tweeter so the upper end is identical.The twin 8" woofers do a better job in the midrange then the twin 10" on the RF-7.

Not to say the RF-7 is slow or colored,its quite impressive what a good quality 10" mid-bass can do!

Both are fast and have slam,the RF-7's having monster slam if driven by a serious amp(yeah the amp is important,and NO SS amps dont produce the same results).

I will return the extra RC-7 as I am satisfied with the RF-5's as sourrounds with the RB-5's.The RF-7's are mains and the RC-7 is ...center.

If you want a compact system then by all means the RC-7's make great sats(large sats).Just be sure to set them on quality stands(tweeter at ear level).

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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