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Name the Band and Title of this LP

Klipsched with Yamahas

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HINT: Jerry Corbetta was the primary musician and if memory serves me correctly, this band performed the theme song for the "Green Hornet" and was instrumental in getting this co-star recognized for his martial arts skills. They had several hits, and one of them is the title to this particular album. Very clever design that closely correlates to the title of this album


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Radio Songs.......................but that's all we had back then Radio's,( FM was cool) and Records..........or reel to reels..........

Totally, and that's how I acquired many of my albums.......I became close friends w/several Norfolk, VA DJ's when I was in the Military. One of them is still on the air to this day. Lord knows, he's approaching his late 50's by now (lol). DJ's are a unique breed of people, but I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything.

There weren't many Jazz stations back in those days, and seems like everything was Country, Progressive Rock, or Top 40 stations. I have to credit those guys for what LITTLE I know today. The perks were awesome, as I got some free entry to many concerts and pre-concert parties. Heck, I even got to meet some of the guys from Foreigner back in the late 80's. Maybe some locals might even remember Billy Douthit, Whisper Concerts (spelling ??), Mike Arlaud from FM99 and Dr. MadBlood (WAVY TV).

Thanks for bringing back those fond memories Oldbuckster

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Fond memories, indeed,................a car radio with am FM converter, a rear seat speaker, and if you were a big dawg, you had a reverb unit, that was car audio when I was a young buck..................Super station out of Buffalo, N.Y. you could only get at night around here, WRPI troy N.Y. college underground station...................Gas under a dollar a gallon, beer......$1.00 a six pack......smokes .25 cents a pack.......Life was good.........yeah Man, Is there something wrong with being late 50's ??????????

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