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Members Weekly Music Recommendations-Feb. 12


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Well I could go with flemenco this week because I did get to see
Paco De Lucia over the weekend. Hoever, I just handed out his
name to you a few weeks ago. I must say however, the guitar work
was simply astounding. With Sabeaces (sp) dead he and Manitas de
Placa are probably the two greatest flemenco players left.
There's probably only four or five in the entire world that play guitar
in his league.

Well I guess I ended up talking about him anyways.

Oh, Spudnicki send me your address if you want your goodies.

Format's simple: Name of artist or group, name of album, type of music
as best you can (rock, blues etc.), and recording format (cd, lp etc.)

As usual I'll start it off with:

Sting, "The Dream of the Blue Turtles:, rock(xanne), lp

To many of his song has pedestrian lyrics as opposed to the
musical craftsmanship him and his various bandmates have brought us
down the years. That aside, I've come to admire his work and
thorughly enjoy much of his work. This one has "If You Love
somebody.." on it and with most of his stuff vvery well recorded.
If you haven't experienced his work, or haven't listened in awhile give
it a try.

PS Pissed off that the re-united Police chose "Roxxanne" for their Grammy apperance.

So what do you have to share this week?

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I have gotten heavily involved w/vinyl and am in the process of sorting them (condition sensitive)....you know, those that are worth saving, those that need a GOOD CLEANING, and those that are PRISTINE.

Anyhow, of the 25 albums I played this weekend, I highly recommend these (2):

Dire Straits "Love Over Gold" and Sade "Promise"

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Thebes, funny on another thread I just commented about the Police myself...........Roxanne ???............Gee, Thanks for the effort guys, if that's the best you can do..............GO back to retirement..................

JOHNNY WINTER...................Saints and Sinners.......................CD......................1974

Here's another one of those Texas guys that happens to be pretty good. Considered by many as a premier guitarist of our time, Johnny burns through many styles of music, Blues, Soul, and just a touch of Rock 'n Roll. This is the Johnny of old, not the man you see today, this Johnny rocks. Backed by his normal line-up of, Randy Hobbs on bass, and Richard Hughes on drums, they are joined by Rick Derringer, Dan Hartman,Edgar Winter, and others. This disc is a ReMastered copy, sounds good and crisp, and clean.

1. Stone County

2. Blinded by Love

3.Thirty Days

4. Stray Cat Blues

5.Bad Luck Situation

6. Rolling Cross the Country

7. Riot in Cell Block #9

8. Hurtin' So Bad

9. Boney Moronie

10. Feedback on Highway 101

11. Dirty..........bonus track

There's the song list, some great tunes on this disc............JOHNNY WINTER................Nuff Said.......EH !!!!!!

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Collective Soul: Disciplined Breakdown. Southern progressive rock. CD

A Southern progressive rock band that really doesn't fit into a particular genre. Something between alternative & progessive rock, really. One of my favorite bands of all time. I particularly like Full Circle,Listen, & Precious Declaration. A fantastic album from a uniquely creative band.

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Deftones "Saturday Night Wrist" - Alternative Metal CD.

To me, the Deftones just get better and better with each sucessive album.  They blend chunky guitars and controlled screaming with melodic riffs and slow crooning.  

If you remember the song that played during the ending credits of "The Matrix," that's Deftones' brilliant aggro song "My Own Summer (Shove It)."
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