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Nad 272 potential to seriously overheat.


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Nad suggests that this 150w/channel amp, NOT be placed on a shelf. A very few in the past have had a melt down so to speak. I only have a shelf to put it on, but it is open on all sides with about 6 inches clearance above it. I am thinking of placing it on isolators which raise the bottom an additioal inch and one half off the shelf. I have 1 or 2 small external fans I could also run but this may be overkill. Comments are most welcome.

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Is it a weight thing or a heat thing? McIntosh always had in their manuals to make sure what ever you put their amp on could support the 130 pounds or so.

If it's a heat thing, you'll most likely be ok - they may be thinking of bookcase with the shelf right above the amp (or the tendency of some people to put a book on top of the amp instead of reshelving it!) The manual should have something about how much clearance you need both above, below, and around the sides.

NADs enjoy an enviable reputation. I think you'll like it.

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