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Velodyne DD 12 Questions


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I have a 2 channel RF 7 system. I listen to jazz and classical CD's only. My positions to place a subwoofer are very limited. Is the DD 12 versatile enough that you can place it just about anywhere and be able to STILL dial it in [set it up] for maximum musical sound. What is a good price to get a DD 12 used in mint condition?

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Being that you said JUST about anywhere, I'd agree with that. The setup is quite versatile. The key is that if you get in a null where there's a dip in the response, no amount of signal addition is going to make it flat, so you have to try a different position. Therefore, its much easier to get flat by reducing signal at a given frequency than trying to add at a null.

I've had mine in 2 positions and have been able to get it pretty close to an ideal tuning. I don't go psychotic about it though, I just get it close. Both times its been very satisfying in sound.

I'd highly recommend it. As for used price, I can't say as I bought new.

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