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NOS JAN Sylvania 6DJ8 Tubes For Sale [ 10 all the same lot #]


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It's not easy to find this many 6DJ8's all the same lot number. I bought them a few weeks ago from a reputable tube dealer.They are represented to me as all tested good and are new. The relative triode numbers marked on the boxes are one at 80 one at 95/100 and 8 at 85 to 90. I don't know squat about tubes, but I'm told that tubes with these relative triod readings within a range of 10 are matched. 8 of the 10 are within 5. These tubes sell in the $ 20 to $40 range in quantities of 1 or 2. Anyone interested before I put them on e-bay. Make an offer.

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A few years ago I bought 21 JAN (green printing) 6dj8 tubes on ebay for about $25. I had them in the system for a little while but I replaced them with the 6922 russian tubes that came with the amp, I think the Russian tubes (old Svetlanna) sound better. If you find a place to sell them in lots of 2 for $20, let me know! I have a few to sell myself!

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I did a check to see if these subsitute for anything that i use....they don't...but here is the list in case anyone can use the info.

pcc88 *
7dj8 *

* these can be used in place of a 6922 family tube, but you can not use a 6922 family tube in place of a 7dj8 or pcc88.  the difference is the heater filiment in a 7dj8/pcc88 that will work in a 7 or 6 volt circut vs the 6922 family which will only work in a 6 volt circut.

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I looked at my records and these tubes were tested by the seller on a hickok 118b military tube tester for shorts, leakage m/u and gas. Mind you I don't have the tester and if I did would need help to use it.

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