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For Sale like New Mint Velodyne DD-12 Sub.


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This was manufactured in 2006. Has all the accessories. Performs flawlessly. Original factory double boxes with styrofoam inserts. Recent 2.0 version software installed. Black mirror like finish. I live in western Pa just north of Pittsburgh. MSRP $2900. I'll take the best offer over $ 1700. http://www.velodyne.com/velodyne/products/product.aspx?ID=4&sid=749s296q Check out this state of art sub.

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I was advised by Curt at Velodyne to get a DD-18 or a base reflex DLS 5000R for my 4000' plus family/dining space.I even think the kitchen which is partly open to the space plays a role. Thats why I say 4000' plus Well the DD-18 at $5000 is out of my price range and at 120 lbs is too heavy for my 74 year young body. I just received the DLS 5000R but have not installed it yet. My Rf-7's are at Deans for new crossovers.I have learned a lot from the DD 12's on screen software about placement,frequency response, phase,polarity, crossovers high and low, slopes, and room equalization. Still don't understand Q value and contour and contour slope though. Didn't get that far in the software in tweeking the sub and room. If the DLS isn't enough I may get a second one at $799 and still be ahead of the $ 1870 I paid 2 weeks ago for the DD-12. Thanks Loud, for all your help and support.

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