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I'm fanless


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Do any of you electronics Gurus know off the top of your head a company I can get a replacement two wire 24V fan for my amp?

I have an 80mm sq. X 25mm 24V fan. I've heard a Panaflo is the quietest and the quiet part is the most important. I can find dozens of fans but none have a 24V model to fit the description.

Mouser Electronics had a fan that came close but I'm still stumped. For for the longevity of this amp maybe a little breeze would help things out.

Thank You in advance.

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Sorry, but I'm a fan of yours! This isn't what your asking, but with a little change in mindset I think might work for you. I bought 2 small black wire fans at Walmart for about $4.95 each. They are certainly audible with no music playing when you are up close to them. I, however, can't hear them when playing at normal listening volume at my listening perch. It might be somthing to try while looking for a fan and who knows along the way you may decide the problem solved. BTW, I had two ARC 300 monoblocks a few years ago. They each had 2 fans that I could easily hear until I played my music. If these audible fans worked for Audio Research at $ 5000 each per monoblock,, they may work for you. You may check with ARC to see if their fans work for you.

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Thanks again Guys, I should be able to figure something out at DigiKey or I can use the suggested Panaflo model number.

Once in a while I sit back and listen to music very quietly and any 'other' noises like the sound of a fan seem to be bothersome. Two things I appreciate is silence and good, sometimes loud music.

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