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Platter mats?


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Close - what you can see if the Acoustic Signature Tango phono stage. My speed controller is clearaudio too - what can I say? The clearaudio salesman was very good - the damn mat is clearaudio too - so is the phono cable - they really saw me coming.

Did he sell you a t-shirt, cap and coffee mug too? [;)]

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I owned the Tango before I got the Clearaudio and I think it was one of my better decisions. All I did when it came time to buy a phono stage (to replace a Project Phono Box) was went around 5 local audio stores and emptied them of phono stages. I then did a grand test over a single weekend of eitehr 9 or 11 units (cant remember now - it was years ago).

The Tango just seemed to me to be the best at getting out of the way of the music. It came across to my ears as the least flavoured, its measurements were also the closest to the RIAA specs and it was the most adjustable of all of the phono stages I then found.

GREAT match to the Denon 103 BTW. Does LOMC to a Tee.

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I still remember when Max was in the market for a new TT... Seems like eons ago.

Was about two and a half years ago - my 40th birthday present to me.

How time passes.....


I looked at that one too - was a bit worried about the availability of spare hands so I didn't go for it.

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