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Looking for some acousting cloth


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We're starting to put some firring strips up in the basement (future home of all things Klipsch). Been battling with the wife on my desire to install some sound treatments.

Low & behold, she tells me today that her boss at work (female) was telling her about HER brother who is into music... seems he has curtains all the way around his room.

So, now that the concept of room treatments has been verified by someone OTHER than me, she's now open to at least some discussions on how to "hide those hideously ugly things" and one idea is to put a curtain across the front of them.

With the possiblity of a curtain going up either across the entire room or at least, across each corner, I then pointed out that I could easily install and hide some bass traps behind same curtains!!

She's only semi-frigid about it now, instead of stone cold against it.

So, now that I'm chipping away at her resistance, I need to find a vendor that would have fabric that we could make some kind of curtain. She wants the color of it to be a light color, maybe like a French Vanilla.

(personally, I don't care if she wants Chartruse & Lavender... if I can get things sounding like I want)

I've been doing some google searches and found a couple vendors. One of them, after further looking, seems to be offering material to go onto room treatment applications, as opopsed to being transparent (at least, as best I could tell that is what they had)

Any thoughts on where to get some acousticly transparent material?

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