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Rb-6 ?

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In what way? Do you mean a bookshelf with a 10" woof-woof and the same 1.75" horn setup? That would be AWESOME, but the truth of the matter is 2 below the woofer, 10 for the woofer, 1 above the woofer, 8 for the horn, and 1 above the horn. Total height 22 thats practically two feet tall! It would also need to be about 14-16 deep. I just dont see an application where that would be viable; it would be too big to be a satellite, but something that size would be a REAL speaker. It would be expensive, probably $1,100 to $1,400 a pair (price has nothing to do with this post, anyway.) In the 70s and 80s, there were a lot of speakers like that, JBL studio monitor types, and bigger. By the time you put a 10, 12, or 15 woofer and midrange/tweeters together, you get into that bookshelf/tower speaker transition, it sits on the floor because its SO huge, but not quite the 30 or 40 to be a tower speaker. I dont know if those types of speakers have a specific name. Anyway, like I said, that would be AWESOME, but I dont think it will happen, but I hope I am proved wrong.

Check this DCM10A (www.dcmspeakers.com) speaker out, big *** bass, not bad quality, this is the transition type speaker I was talking about:



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Yeah, there are quite a few companies that use their center looking speakers for all five-six channels. I think it works out pretty well. As for those JBLs, you can get some LSR32s, 12 woofers, midrange and tweeter, the good ol studio monitor is alive and well. Yes, they are true professional speakers, think they are nearly a thousand bucks a pop. I bet they sound very good, but I have never heard them and probably will not. The new JBL Studio series is like them, but smaller and for home use, there is a second revision of the Studios coming out in a week or two...

The LSR32:


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