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denon 4603 vs. pioneer elite vsx 85 txsi vs. yamaha rx-v1600


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Just upgraded my speaker system and thinking about a new a/v receiver.

Currently have a Yamaha 5560. It sounds good with the new speakers
(Klipsch RF 82, RC 52, RS42, ) but...only has 75
watts. I'm looking for more power.

I can get the Denon and the Pioneer Elite for a little less than $900.00. I can get the Yamaha for $400.00

These are floor samples but come with original mfg warranty plus 3 year ext warranty.

While I know the Yammy is not in the same league feature wise, it is a
big upgrade from my current unit and has SOME of the upgrades I'm
looking for - more power (120w), audio set up, more crossover choices,
a few more features. And, it's less that half of the Denon or Pioneer.

I would pull the trigger on the Denon but...I've read where HDMI has a lot of problems on this unit as well as the network
interface. Since the Denon and Pioneer are a few features away of what
I really want from a featureset, I figured I could get the Yamaha and live with it a year
or two and then get the Denon (or like) with the features I want at a
reduced price .

For some reason, I just have a weird feeling about Pioneer stuff. don't
know why as I remember when their first Super Tuner car radios came out
and loved their sound.

The bells and whistles on the Denon and Pioneer still seem to be
lacking for a truly "into the future system" (no WiFi, No HD radio,
issues with HDMI, still use Faroudia video upscaling, no Dolby or DTS
HD, crummy remotes, etc....)

I currently don't need all the HDMI stuff but....a BR or HD dvd player is on the list for a shot term future purchase. I have an 05 model Sony Grand Wega that is not capable of 1080p....so that is not an issue. My TV does accept HDMI and has one input. I currently run a Pioneer VX 400 upscaling DVD.

Is the 4306 really a bad unit from Denon????. The Pioneer looks pretty
tempting but does not have the network interface, although I hear Denon
has issues with theirs (non pppoe capable).

I would appreciate comments and opinions!

UPDATE>I guess I am not running pppoe after all for network so I guess I can cross that off the list.

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