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Garage Sale Forum Questions


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When you see an ad with several replies, how can it say 0 views? What removes an ad is it lapsed calander time? Is it OK to post an ad again if it becomes buried in past posts? Is it OK to mention that one has a garage sale ad in some other forum so people know about it?

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a couple of thoughts...

the zero views seems to be an issue on the forum after the last upgrade. The webmaster may be working on that.

Personally, I'd have no problem with relisting an item in garage sale. I wasn't aware they age off the system, but that's probably appropriate. Otherwise a bump would do, no?

I don't know what Amy would say about posting in another forum to call attention to your garage sale item. I know I don't often browse there.

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Posting it once in the Garage Sale section is sufficient. You can bump it back to the top by saying the item is still available, or something like that. The views feature is not working properly, I'll let the webmaster know.


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