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Hmm.. Sub driver power connection.. hypothetical


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Well, technically, you would get twice the volume, right? There's only one drawback to that. You'd be making the sub amplifier section work ~twice as hard to produce the sound. Twice the work = twice the wasted energy(at least) = twice the heat produced...

See here: http://www.klipsch.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ubbcount.cgi?expath1=Forum10&expath2=& topic=003303&type=&number=10

see here also: http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=102521

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right now the amp is in parallel, which means the each sub is getting the all the amp can give without any diminishing returns. so if the parallel amp is 80W, both subs would get 80W.

if you had an 80W series amp, both subs would have to share that 80W, so each sub would only get 40W.

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actually.. the sub is pushin 160W and in parallel.. each driver is getting 80W. If it were in series, each would get 160W

The problem is that the signal would have to go through one driver first before getting to the other and therefore might degrade the quality of the signal. Could also blow a driver.. hmmm.

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Paragon, Here's how it works:

Power = Impedence*(Current)^2

Voltage = Impedence*Current

If an amplifier can deliver 25 Volts to an 8 Ohm speaker there will be V^2/R or 28.125 Watts.

If two 8 Ohm speaker are in parallel the power into each speaker will be 28.125 Watts or 56.25 Watts total for a 3dB increase in sound level.

If two 8 Ohm speakers are placed in series the power becomes 14.0625 Watts for a 3dB *decrease* in sound level.

So actually putting the drivers in series would decrease the power level by a factor of four over keeping them in parallel, and a decrease of 6dB in sound level.

-Andy W


Originally posted by Paragon:

I wonder how the sub would be if the drivers were hooked up in series to the amp instead of parallel. would then get 160W to each sub.. but how would it sound?

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