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I turned off my amp last night (did not disconnect it), and the record player did the same thing.

i also took all my wires out from under the wall boards in case any of them were being pinched or whatnot.

i'm going skiing in tahoe saturday to wednesday, so i think the whole disconnect everything and start from scratch might have to wait until next thursday.

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I suggest that we have exhausted our 'guesses' and its time for a legitimate servce center to look at the system, and not simply individual components.

Of course you could take the interconnects in and ask them to assess why the protection cercuit comes on as well. And while we might laugh at that at that notion, that is exactly what we have been in effect doing for the past several pages.

Good luck.

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Denon suggested doing a "microprocessor reset".

so i looked thorugh my manual, found the buttons to press, and did it.

lost all my audyssey settings and custom settings, but turntable is working perfectly!

i guess now i just have to re-run audyssey and re-customize my settings.

who would've thought!

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i think it was page 60 of the manual. Denon wrote back ot me in an e-mail i wrote to them asking for support, and I tihnk the microprocessor reset was a shot in the dark. But it worked.

I've done a few firmware updates on the 4308 reciever and I think a microprocessor reset was needed. Everything works great now, just gotta re calibrate the audyssey and speaker setup now.

Picked up a few LPs yesterday, Michael Jackson's 25th anniversary thriller, Prince's Purple Rain (the fold out poster included was worth the price alone!, John Coltrane's blue train, and the credence! Everything sounds great.

I moved my Luxman Amp out of a clsoed cabinet since it was getting hot and got some new bettercables silver serpent interconnects with he bullet plugs, so far so good.

I leave my amp on all the time so there's no more warmup, but I noticed that with everything off except the amp, I can hear a soft hum or maybe even buzz from my front speakers, is that normal? The guy at the audio shop said these old Luxman's have a bad output stage that needs replacement because it causes distortion, but listening to SACDs everything seems to sound fine, maybe that's what he was talking about and it can be even better? Anyone know about this?

Tahoe was AMAZING! Sunday they had a 5 foot snow storm so I just went tot he casino and went up $400 on the blackjack table. (Lost it later at the craps table)

Monday and Tuesday was clear blue skies and about 40-50 degrees on the mountain, couldn't have been more perfect. Went to Northstar and Squaw. Absolutely breathtaking.


cid:B277E4365F12476A9896F9D18F1CC2FC@BahLake Tahoe

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