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subwoofer for heresy speaker


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Buy a 4648A-8 double 15" woofer bassbin from the tentsale at www.jblpro.com This will cost $220, shipping included. This is a deal, the drivers alone used in the 4648 retail for $600 when discounted. Buy a subwoofer plate amp at www.partsexpress.com Use the JBL, powered by the plate-amp, from 70 or 80 cycles on down, place it along a wall or in corner for flat bass down to 35 cycles. Total cost will be under $500 and you'll get dance-club punch and hit and the ability to keep steady with the dynamic range, high output and low distortion of your Hereseys. VERY few subs at any price will outperform the above combination.

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that's a great idea, not so difficult to do either!

otherwise the SVS tubes are popular and well rated for their low bass response for the money, the Klipsch LF10 can be found for about $450 at ubid and eBay -

Tom, what JBL horns would fit and improve the Cornwall driver?

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Depends what you want from the sub. I have bought the REL Strata 3 sub to go with my Heresy's. The main advantage of this sub is that it is a sealed unit (10 inch woofer) that makes an excellent match for the Heresy's tight bass.

MY aim was to produce bass that seemlessly integrated to the bottom end of the Heresy. In effect my Heresy's now go down to 20 Hz with no boom. This is exactly what I wanted.

Good luck hunting!


2 * Heresy 2 (mains)

2 * Homemade horn speakers (rears)

1 * REL Strata 3 sub

Accuphase E211 amp.

Tube monoblocks with separate pre-amp (solid state).

Marantz CD6000 player

Sony NS900 SACD/DVD player

Stax Headphones

Humax 5400 digital satellite receiver

Sharp Video

32" Sony flat screen 16:9 TV

Mogami interconnects

Silver Synergistic speaker cable

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I'll second the recommendation on the SVS unit. I'm using a 20-39cs with my HII's and could not be happier.



Heresy Mains (Birch)

Heresy Surrounds (Walnut)

RC-3 Center

(Because a C7 won't fit!)

SVS 20-39cs/Samson S700

Denon 2801

Acurus 100x3

JVC D-Series

Pioneer DV-525

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