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UBID Customer Service


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What kind of issues are you having? I bought several items from them and they did okay for the most part. It did take some work with customer noservice before I got all my issues resolved.

I have their 800# at home and I will send it to you this evening if you don't have it yet.

The most serious problem I had with them was when they overbilled my amex card by $19,500! I was in shock, and amex accepted the charge! They fixed that one pretty promptly Smile.gif


Ed W

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Some commentary on uBid. First, they are cheap, and many people have had no problems with their purchases. That being said, my experience with them has been horrible. They do not always have items in stock, and they're not always correct about warranties. Basically, their business systems are so poor that if anything goes wrong with inventory, a user account, or an order they can't handle it. My last auction with them they didn't have the item I won in stock to ship me, so I had them cancel my order, but then they billed my credit card anyway. Their customer service has been degrading over the past months. In the past month, if I've been able to get through, I've been on hold for over an hour each call. Their customer service through e-mail used to be OK, but now you will get an automatic reply saying they'll respond to your e-mail in the order received. Been over a month since my last e-mail and no response. So, I didn't get the item I won, was charged for it anyway, and now I can't get any response from customer service either via the phone or e-mail. I have trouble finding the time to wait an hour on hold. I hope no one else has this many problems with uBid--but I've heard a lot of similar stories, so you've been warned.

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