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I accidently broke the wires off the DIN connector of the BASH sub of my Promedia 4.1. I think I can resolder the wires onto the DIN conenctor that plugs into the sub but I'm not sure what color wire goes where.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram showing which color wire goes to which pin on the DIN connector?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I need to know what system you have, what color wires do you see? is there a white wire? does your control pod have an on/off button? these are very important not knowing which system you have can damage your current sub amplifiers. let me know and I can send you what you need.

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Thanks for looking into this. I have the ProMedia 4.1 system

This is the webpage showing what I have: http://www.klipsch.com/products/discontinued/details/promedia-4-1.aspx

The Klipsch PN on the sub says 09050281210, SPARES = 143914-001.

The control pod is built into the bottom of satellite speaker. It has no on/off button or earphone jack.

The connector I'm referring to is the DIN going directly into the PRE-AMP INPUT on the sub.

I have the following wire colors:

WHITE, Red, Blue, Black, Orange,Yellow, Green, Brown and ground


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yeah, they absolutely do have it, but they don't give it out very easily. And alot of people screw their systems up by using the wrong diagram since there are different wiring schematics for the 4.1 and the v.2-400, and one of the schematics that klipsch themselves have given out was in fact wrong. So it can be a tricky thing, but in any case, I no longer give out the diagrams either, I have people send me their units now and I will replace the DIN. I have made some pretty good diagrams though that are still floating around out there if people need them. Look hard enough, you'll find them.

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