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KLF-30 in So. Florida


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Ad says "The Legend Series KLF-30 three-way, floorstanding loudspeaker is considered by many to be one of the worlds ultimate rock-n-roll speakers. But its Exponential Horn Tweeter, Tractrix® Horn midrange driver, and dual 12" woofers offer lifelike sound reproduction and a stable sound stage with any source material from Bach to Blink 182. The KLF 30 is the logical choice for audiophiles who want high performance from a great-looking loudspeaker. I Have had the pair of speakers for over a year and have not used them. They were special ordered from Klipsch for me, they were fully inspected at time of delivery, put back in the factory box and stored in an air condioned room, so they are in perfect new condition. Beautiful Mahogany wood finish. Never been used. The Speakers weigh 116.5 lbs. each and Dimensions are 21x18x50 in. each. UPS ground shipping would probably be the way to go. MSRP: $1,800 pair + 6% sales tax = $1,908.00"

these aren't really near me, but if you need someone to check them out, let me know:



Colin's Music System Cornwall 1s & Klipsch subs; lights out & tubes glowing!

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colin I just purchased the klf20's then the 30's went up for bid. I'm watching it closely if it stays around that price(wifes gonna kill me no I mean really kill me hehe)I'm gonna try to buy them if I do by chance happen to win them maybe you could check them out for me would appreciate that a bunch Cya on the boards!


turn it up hmmph i said turn it up

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