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  1. People can decide on the risks and make decisions based on their judgment. It is being reported that 100s of illegal migrants that have tested positive for COVID-19 are being released into the USA because this administration has changed the border immigration rules regarding catch and release. Border Security cannot even track these people for contact tracing after their release. What will be the impact of these COVID-19 positive people being released into Texas and all areas along the southern border?
  2. Mary had it all --- looks, voice, class and a great grounded personality. Apparently she passed suddenly and unexpectedly.
  3. The Klipsch website says that the turntable is currently sold out - will the turntable be available soon, and if yes, when and how much for the unit with the Red cartridge?
  4. Gary - I sent you a private PM concerning your thoughts about my current TT setup. Sorry for the temp.hijack - back to the thread!
  5. My Sony KV34XBR960 CRT has finally met it's match! Up to this point, my XBR 34" CRT has only been bested by HD TVs costing many times more $$$. The Pioneer Elite Kuros HD TVs are quite good too. I'm waiting for these OLEDs though, as I've followed the R + D, and this technology holds the promise of beating the old CRT tube technology (which I have a preference for --- given the black levels / contrast ratio in the best CRTs). The inconvenience of having a 200+ lbs. CRT is done away with the OLED's ability to do black levels / contrast ratios unseen by plasma or LCD. A 34 - 40" OLED would probably cost $20,000 in today's world but hopefully that price will go down as production ramps up.
  6. Another vote for the concrete resin base, direct drive - Kenwood KD500. I have one with a low mass English Mayware tonearm with a Sonus Blue cartridge. Sound is excellent, and these can be located for cheap $$$.
  7. I have a pair of Cornwalls that are currently hooked up to a Muscial Concepts modified Hafler D200 power amp and a modifed Adcom GTP-400 preamp/tuner. The Hafler tested at about 155 watts/RMS at a recent clinical testing, and has new caps. How would the Trends compare in sound quality to my current amp-preamp setup? I am of the mind to order a Trends, but I'd like to have a better idea how this amp will perform driving Cornwalls. Any info. about comparatives is appreciated.
  8. I wish I lived closer --- I have been looking for Cornwalls. I'm in the metro Wash.DC area - Northern VA, just outside DC. If someone could pick these up for me, I'd pay a fee for purchase and housing these, until logistics/shipping is worked out.
  9. KOZ-- I have 5 Cornwall Series 1 in my home theatre setup. I went with a Cornwall as a center channel speaker for a seamless wall of sound. I could not be happier! The dynamics, the timbre, the impact of those front three is an experience! Being a single older guy, I make my own decisions on the room layout, and I have a huge L shaped family room in the lower level on my single family home, so this setup is ideal! The Academy is a timbre match to the Cornwalls, and you will find these time-to-time on Ebay. I found a Cornwall for the same money and went that route (no regrets). Good choice hanging onto the Corns! All the best, Stew
  10. Hey Marvel--- Good to hear you are doing well with the entire singles scene. My life took a big turn 15 years ago when my EX decided she no longer wanted to be married. We had three young children, a big mortgage, all the suburban trappings, and she had changed dramatically after having our third child. 13 years of marriage down the drain, not what I wanted, then stuck trying to take care of three young children, pay huge child support, work a demanding full-time job, etc. I was 40 at that time. Unfortunately, my story is similar for many others too. But that was 15 years ago, my oldest just graduated law school with honors, starts with a fine law firm tomorrow. My youngest started college this fall and my middle child is working full-time while doing school part-time. I was the primary care-taker due my EX's dis-interest, except for her own selfish desires. I dated several really nice ladies during my first 10-11 years being a single Dad, one that I saw for 5 years, but she two-timed me, so that ended. I 'm an active, athletic type so even at 50+, I've really held up quite well, in great physical condition. And luckily, in spite of all the financial worries over the years, I am a consistent saver/investor, and am in great shape there. Owned my own single family home for my children for the last 12 years, and maxed the 401K for years. Without continuing to run on, I'd like to say you have nothing to worry about. Guys our age have more positive options than the ladies. I have travelled extensively and I am coming to the conclusion that the foreign ladies are better mates in many ways. I don't want it to be that way, but where I live (Wash.DC area), guys our age are simply judged on their material, not their character. So my advice...watch OUT for the gold diggers/fortune hunters/selfish types, and take your time. You are in the drivers seat! All the best, Stew
  11. I also waited until after the divorce (15 years ago) to get Klipsched! Actually...I EVEN waited until after the long term relationship of 5 years! Now though..5 Cornwalls in the house! And no one tells me to turn it down! Just keep in mind...things DO get better after these tragic events...After all, you are then free to get Klipsched! And you don't have to ask permission!
  12. Best HDTV - Sony KV34XBR960 CRT based - long - life, most accurate gray -scale reproduction, stunning picture quality Outstanding display - deep dark blacks, outstanding expensive high-end scaler deployed Downside - only 34" widescreen, very heavy (> 200 lbs) I own two Sony CRT's both are older than 13 years old, and still have outstanding picture quality. Never had a service issue or component failure... Check Consumer Reports overall ratings for KV34XBR960 --- top -rated by C.R.
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